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About Semi Permanent Makeup

Hybrid makeup brows and lipsSemi-permanent makeup also known as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and microblading is a procedure which involves small amounts of pigment implanted into the upper layer of the dermis.  It Creates a natural appearance for your brows as well as perfectly defined eyeliner and balanced, volumised lips.  Semi-permanent makeup is a smart option for women wanting 24 hour smudge proof makeup and the feeling of waking up already made up.

Microblading or machine tattoo is a very safe treatment options in the hands of fully trained technicians. The coloured pigment is hypo-allergenic, non-reactive and is made from natural iron oxide. It has been approved by doctors and aesthetic industry experts worldwide.

Hybrid Makeup use only the highest quality pigments available,  available in a wide range of colours and once administered can last from 9 months and up to three years, this timescale is dependent on various factors including skintype and lifestyle. 

Semi permanent makeup is a procedure that is suitable for eyebrows, eyes and lips.  Eyebrows are an important feature of your facial expressions.  They frame your eyes and face as well as adding unique character. You can choose from a variety of techniques and style of brow to achieve the look you desire these include microbladed hairstrokes, powder, Ombre or combination brows.  More information on the various style of brows can be found on the pricing & bookings page.

Your eyes can be given extra depth and definition with careful placement of pigmentation on either lower or upper eyelid or both. The eyelashes can be further enhanced with tiny amounts of pigment between each eyelash. This will make them appear thicker. This is known as a lash enhancement.

Your lips can be emphasized and beautifully coloured to create the perfect lip blush. A light amount of pigment makes the lips appear larger and fuller.  We can also correct any unevenness in your lips to create symmetry.

Semi permanent makeup and microblading require 2 treatments to complete the look, consisting of your initial procedure and your topup appointment taken within 6-12 weeks after the first initial appointment.  The first treatment can take up to 3 hours to complete.  This allows adeqate time for the pre drawing, this is where I accurately measure and draw your eyebrows, eyeliner or lip blush calculating the correct shape for your face.  Once we are both happy with the pre drawing, colours will be selected and discussed with you.  The next stage is the treatment, followed by aftercare.

Everyone’s skin is different and it is important to me that we make this gradual process to obtain optimal results.  This enables me to assess how your skin retains the pigment.  Please do not compare your treatment to anyone that has had it before as for you it may be a totally different experience.  Over this process I can make gradual adjustments to achieve the look you desire.  Please be aware that a 3rd topup appointment may be required as some people's skin is more resistant to that of others.  The same applies to crispness of hairstrokes with brow treatments and that over time these strokes can blur slightly.  This is not true to all skin types but this can happen.


Who is semi-permanent makeup for?

Permanent Makeup WiltshireSemi-permanent makeup is a fantastic option for all women who want to wake up made-up and eliminate time spent on doing makeup, however, it’s particularly beneficial if you are:

    • A mum or a busy career woman with not much time to spend doing makeup.  
    • Those interested in exercise such as running, swimming, high intensity training and sports where sweat and weather conditions can play havoc with lipstick, mascara or brow design.
    • A woman with vision problems which can make it difficult to accurately apply makeup.
    • Allergies to the ingredients or fragrances of standard cosmetics found in stores.
    • People with no hair for instance; those with alopecia, Thyroid conditions, if you have lost hair due to medical treatment for cancer and other illnesses or anyone who has over plucked their eyebrows.