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Lip Blush

What is a Lip Blush?

Lip blush is a type of semipermanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using a permanent makeup tattoo device.  The outer border of the lips is carefully defined and the colour is more intense and fades going into the centre part of the lips creating the illusion of fuller lips.

While also sometimes called lip tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art. Lip blush focuses on altering both colour and shape to create younger looking lips. All semi permanent makeup and microblading treatments are bespoke.

Lip Blush 92875How Long Does it Last?

Lip Blush typically last for 12 to 36 months.  Annual colour Boosts are recommended.

Who is it suitable for?

Lip Blush is suitable for anyone wanting to create the illusion of fuller lips.  Lip blush also helps create symmetry.  It is great with just a little gloss added to give the appearance perfectly natural full lips.

Does it Hurt?

The lower your pain tolerance, the more discomfort you might feel. The majority of my clients find this very comfortable.  On a scale of 1 -10 (10 being most painful) most of my clients put this at a 4.

What is the cost?

£320 this includes your topup taken within 6-12 weeks of your first appointment.

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