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What is Combination Brows?

As the name suggests it is a combination of 2 semi permanent makeup methods. Also known as 'combo brows' or 'combre brows' ✨ Microblading can be used to create hairstrokes and shading can be added (powder/ombre brows) to create a little more body to the brow. This method will give you a little more definition than microblading alone ❤

Combination Brows 90805Who are Combo Brows for ?

Combo Brows are great for clients with normal to moderately oily skin. So if your skin is too oily for microblading alone, combination brows might be a viable alternative. For someone with very sparse brows, the shading can give the brow more body, while the hair-strokes keep it looking natural.

What to expect

As with all treatments, the first step will be a consultation. We will discuss your current brow shape and what you are looking to achieve.  We may ask to see pictures of brows that you like to establish this is the right method for you.  Then with conventional cosmetics we will design your ideal shape by drawing a template onto your brows. Before the treatment begins, a bespoke pigment colour is mixed to match your natural brow hair perfectly.  We can refine the template also to ensure you are fully satisfied with the design and colour.

We recommend maintenance every 12-18 months with annual colour boost.

If you have any questions please email, text or call me I'll be happy to help 😃🙏 love Mel xx

Treatment Information:

💕 Style: Combination brows
⭐Cost: £325 (includes topup 6-12 weeks after your 1st treatment)
💊Pain level: Minimal
🕑Time: 2-3 hours
⏳ Healing: 1-2 weeks & will heal up to 70% lighter than straight after treatment
🏠Where: Corsham, Wiltshire.
💳Deposit: £50 payable upon booking and is deducted off the treatment cost
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Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading 4563786If you have thin or light coloured Eyebrows or a medical condition that causes eyebrow hair loss, like alopecia, microblading may be the perfect solution for you.  Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that fills in the brows to give them a fuller appearance. The procedure involves using a small blade to apply hairstroke lines of semi-permanent pigment under the skin.  Microblading is essentially having hundreds of tiny cuts made on your brows blending in with the hairs.  Just like a tattoo, these little cuts break the skin, which is then filled in with a pigment.  Microblading produces a natural looking brow and results can last for up to 2 years, and colour boosts are recommended annually or when you feel the colour has faded.

The Microblading procedure can take around 2 hours, most people only feeling minor pressure or discomfort and much less pain than a typical body tattoo. However this will depend on your own personal tolerance to pain. Pain is unique to each indidvidual.  Some level of pain or discomfort should be expected.  If you’re considering microblading, be sure to properly research the microblading technician.  Ask to see examples of their work, discuss your concerns about pain.

Most practitioners will use an anesthetic to numb the area during treatment.  Rather than actually feeling the pain from the cutting of the blade, you’ll most likely only feel pressure from the microblading tool on your brows or you might feel a scratching sensation.

During the process, you may also hear scratching sounds.   The scratching sound is the pins (that make up the microblade) hitting each other not your skin as most people tend to believe. 

While some minor discomfort and skin irritation should be expected, you may be able to lessen the tenderness and irritation experienced during microblading by following these steps before your appointment:

  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol on the day of the procedure.
  • Avoid tanning or sunbathing for a few days before the procedure.
  • Don’t pluck or wax your eyebrows for a few days before the procedure.
  • Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, and other facial treatments for a few weeks before the procedure.
  • Stop using vitamin A (retinol) for a month beforehand.


Pain Following Microblading Treatment

It’s common for the area to feel slightly bruised or tender for about a day or 2 following a microblading procedure. Your skin shouldn’t appear bruised, but it may be a little red and possibly a little swollen. As the wounds heal, you may feel as if you have a sunburn for a few days.

It takes about 10 to 14 days to fully heal as the pigment settles. During this time, your skin will be sensitive.

To help prevent complications and to assist with the healing process and avoid infections, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your microblading technician. These may include the following:

  • Apply The treatment ointment to your eyebrows twice a day for several days.
  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, picking, scratching or wetting the brow area for a week to 10 days.
  • Avoid using any harsh skin care products.
  • Don’t apply makeup to the area for a week.
  • Try to avoid sweating for several days
  • Stay out of direct sunlight, including tanning beds for several days.

A numbing cream is typically used during a microblading procedure. Some people will still feel pain during the procedure, and soreness or irritation is expected in the days following.  By properly researching the microblading technician and following all pre- and post-care instructions, you can ensure a relatively painless and safe appointment.

Have any questions, then be sure to message me.

Mel xx


What is PMU?

PMU Hybrid MakeupPMU stands for permanent makeup (also known as SPMU).  Permanent makeup is is a form of tattooing. It includes treatments such as microblading, nanoblading, powder brows, ombre brows, combination brows, lip blush, lash enhancement and winged eyeliner.

PMU is a safe and natural-looking alternative to the expense and daily routine of applying makeup countless times per day. Permanent makeup gently layers natural pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin with a fine needle or small blade (microblading).


Having your brows tattooed will make it possible to have perfectly shaped brows without the need for make up. Eyebrow shape helps define facial features by bringing balance to the face. The arch of your brow expresses your mood and can make you look younger. A lift of the brow can help create a more youthful look. First we map the area and create a shape suited to you. After you approve the shape a colour is selected. We then proceed with the chosen method, be it powder brows, ombre or microblading.

The result, You’ll wake up with perfect brows every morning.


Its a dream to have smudge free eyeliner even after exercising, swimming, and every day activities. Lash enhancement and eyeliner makes lashes appear thicker and your eyes more defined with the application of pigment throughout the lash line.

It’s your decision whether to choose a soft eyeline that makes the eyelashes thicker or a winged eyeliner that creates a small flick to give a more dramatic and made up look.

I would avoid going to extreme with the flick. Why is this? Over time, the face ages, and eyes may start to droop and the flick may not be in quite the same area as when it was originally tattooed. After the pigmentation the eyeliner emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes.


Lip blush can help create beautiful full and defined lips and stop lipstick from bleeding. We first choose a colour ranging from natural lip tones to the most fashionable shades that complement your skin tone. Next we outline your lips, then we blend the colour onto two-thirds of your lip to create fullness of the lips.

Once completed, you will have perfectly applied, constant lip colour, soft and natural. You won't have to apply lipstick again even after eating, exercising or kissing! Your lips will look fabulous whatever the situation. It’s also good for clients who wish to cover or disguise lip scarring.

Thanks for reading 📖

Mel 💋xx

What is a Lip Blush?

What is a Lip Blush?

Lip Blush 92875Lip blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the natural lip colour, It can improve the colour and also give the illusion of fuller lips.  The result is a very natural soft colour when healed.

How does it work?  It is a form of tattooing, A tiny needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of colour.  Not only can this help improve the colour of the lips but it can also help with asymmetry.

Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic tattoos, lip blush has evolved to create a more natural appearance to the llips. The older methods used synthetic pigments which were embedded deep in the dermis. For todays lip blush we use soft organic pigments and modern, digital tools. Creating a much more natural appearance

How Permanent Is Lip Blush?

Lip blush can last for up to 3 years, although your lifestyle will contribute to its longevity; smoking and sun exposure can speed up the fading process, and if you’re oil-prone, have an iron deficiency or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skin regimen, the pigment could fade more quickly.

What to Expect From Your Appointment

Firstly the area is prepped.   Then the desired shape is mapped out for us both to check.  Once we are happy with the shape, we begin the actual tattoo process.  Most of my clients feel very comfortable during the treatment and give it around a 4 out of 10 on the level of pain.

The procedure takes approximately 1 - 2 hours if not longer, depending on the look you’re going for. Once the appointment is completed, your lips may be swollen, so you can ice them if necessary. Over the next week, your lips will start to heal, meaning they may scab, so it’s important to time this carefully around your schedule.

For the first 24 hours, I advise my clients to gently blot their lips with a wet cotton pad and let them air dry. This is to keep the lips clean and remove any body fluids that have surfaced and prevent the fluids from forming scabs.

When it comes to scabs, it’s important that they fall off naturally, do not pick them as this can can result in scarring or loss of pigment in those areas. Drinking through a straw for approximately 5 days and being mindful of what you eat during the healing stage is important.  So no burgers or chicken drumsticks.  Use a fork to eat and avoid getting it on the lip area. 

Initially, the color will be super vibrant, almost like a lip stain.  It is important not to be misled by the immediate ‘after’ results. The immediate results look nothing like when the lips are healed. Once healed, the color fades approximately 30-70% percent and also blends in with the natural lip colour.

Scabbing typically lasts five to seven days, and after four weeks, the lips should be fully healed to completion, a top-up appointment around 6-12 weeks to fill in areas that may have rejected pigment or to add more colour to give them a more vibrant look.

Why Is Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup so Expensive?

You may be wondering why Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup is so expensive.  But there is a reason why it is and I think an extremely important question to be answered.

Let me break it down for you:

*Training costs are extremely high.  I could buy a small house with the amount I've spent on training and training never stops. I have 3 courses lined up this year already.  When choosing an artist check their training.  Most of the best artists will have trained with at least 5 different academies or master permanent makeup artists.

*Equipment is not cheap. In fact it is really expensive, good quality machines/devices cost thousands of pounds and artists will have many they use for different methods.  Good quality microblades, pigments, needles, aftercare and cleansing products are not cheap and added into the cost.  

*Insurance and licensing costs are very high and renewed yearly.  Always make sure your microbalding or semi permanent makeup artist is fully insured and this is renwed annually.  The council licence is an absolute necessity and must be available for each premises they work from.  Every council charges a different rate.  I have 5 council licences, which enables me to work from the 5 locations addressed on the certificate.

*The time booked out with you is not just 1 or 2 hours.  I book 2 appointments with you which is roughly 6 hours in total.

*Clinical Waste and Sharps collection is super pricey and must be collected regularly.  Either monthly or quarterly collections are advised.

*Your artist should be available if you are concerned or if you have any questions during the healing process.

*Consultations are free.

*Room rent is very high and there are many other costs related to this.

*Experience.  When starting out, artists may want to charge a low rate, only to find they will not be able to sustain this low cost and therefore will resort to cheaper products, less time booked out.

Hope this helps breakdown the reason costs are high in our industry 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

I am happy to help.

Mel xx