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Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

What is an Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement?

Lash enhancement, babyliner or invisible eyeliner as it is often called, involves tattooing an ultra-thin black line along the top lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker, thicker lashes. The result is a natural, youthful, eye opening effect. Depending on your preference, the bottom lash line can also be subtly tattooed. The device used to deposit pigment is entirely different from the manual tool used for Microblading.  A permanent makeup tattoo device is used.  The line can also be thickened to create a sharper eyeliner look.  All semi permanent makeup and microblading treatments are bespoke.

Upper Eyeliner 898604How Long Does it Last?

Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement typically last for 12 to 36months. Annual colour Boosts are recommended.

Who is it suitable for?

Lash Enhancment Tattoo is suitable for those that don't wear much makeup and are looking for a natural liner that is undetectable.  Eyeliner tattoo  is a slightly thicker line and will give the appearance of makeup

Does it Hurt?

It is fairly comfortable, my non working hand performs a stretch over the eyes so that your eyes are held firmly shut during treatment.  On a scale of 1 -10 (10 being most painful) most of my clients put this at a 3.

What is the cost?

£210 (upper Lash Line) £150 (Lower Lash Line) £295 (Upper and lower) this includes your topup taken within 6-12 weeks of your first appointment.

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