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Your Personalised Perfection: An Individualised Permanent Makeup Experience

20230726 134842 0000Welcome to the world of timeless beauty, where you are the canvas and I am the artist, working hand in hand to create a look that is uniquely you. As your dedicated permanent makeup artist, I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you, tailoring every step of the process to suit your individual needs and desires. In this blog post, I'll walk you through how our personalised approach ensures that you'll leave with a radiant and confidence-boosting result that perfectly complements your natural beauty.

Let's Start with You:

At the heart of our process is understanding your vision and aspirations. In our initial consultation, we'll sit down together to delve into your preferences, lifestyle, and any specific concerns you may have. I'm here to listen, answer your questions, and address any past experiences you'd like to share. This open dialogue forms the foundation of our journey together.

Embracing Your Unique Features:

Your face is like no other, and that's something to celebrate. During our session, I'll conduct a thorough analysis of your facial structure and skin type to determine the best approach for enhancing your features. This personalised touch ensures that the final result will be a harmonious balance of artistry and authenticity, tailored exclusively to you.

Your Dream Design:

Together, we'll explore various shapes and styles that highlight your natural beauty and align with your aesthetic preferences. As your ideas take shape, I'll use my expertise to craft a custom design that enhances your unique attributes. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and make adjustments until you feel completely confident in the proposed look.

Colours as Vibrant as You:

Colour plays a pivotal role in permanent makeup, and finding the perfect match is essential. I take pride in my colour-matching skills, blending pigments to complement your skin tone and hair colour. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or a more defined look, rest assured that the shades we select will beautifully accentuate your features.

A Technique Suited for You:

Just as no two faces are alike, each person's skin type requires a customised approach. As we proceed, I'll adapt my techniques to suit your skin's unique characteristics, ensuring that the pigment settles flawlessly for a natural, long-lasting result. Your comfort and satisfaction are always my top priorities.

Safety First:

I want you to have not only a wonderful experience but also a safe one. I adhere to strict hygiene protocols, use only top-quality pigments, and maintain a clean, sanitised workspace. Before we begin, I will conduct a patch test to ensure that you won't experience any allergies or adverse reactions.

A Journey Beyond the Procedure:

Our relationship doesn't end with the procedure; it's just the beginning of a beautiful journey. I'll provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to facilitate proper healing and ensure that your results look their best. I'll be available to answer any questions and support you throughout the healing process and beyond.


Your beauty is unparalleled and my passion lies in accentuating it through personalised permanent makeup. By embracing your individuality, we create an experience like no other – one that empowers you to feel confident and radiant every day. Together, we'll celebrate your unique features and style, leaving you with a look that is exclusively yours. Get ready to embark on this transformative and personalised journey with me, your devoted permanent makeup artist.

Mel xx