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Microblading V's Tattoo Method Brows

MICROBLADING vs TATTOO method with a nano needle. The pictures on the left are microblading, the pictures to the right are tattoo method using a nano needle with a combination of hairstrokes and shading ????

What are the differences and which to choose:

Microblading: is using a manual tool made up of tiny pins that form a fine blade.  This is used to create a small incision in the upper layers of the skin.  Pigment is implanted which in turn mimics hairstrokes. It is a more affordable treatment as opposed to the tattoo method. Some skintypes do not take well to this and therefore the machine method will be more suitable. Results can last anything from 3-18 months.

Tattoo method brows: using a digital device and a nano needle that implants pigment into the skin. With this method we can achieve various looks including hairstrokes and shading, powder brows and also ombre brows. The look can be as subtle or as bold as you wish. Slightly more in price but it's longevity is anything from 9 months - 3 years. Works on pretty much any skintype.

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