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Choosing a Microblading Artist

It is vitally important when choosing a microblading artist that you look at their work in detail and close up.  Microbladed strokes must be clear and crisp, not blurred, thick and definetly not overlapping.  Many microblading artists will have practice mat work to show.  Look at the strokes close up to make sure they are nicely executed.

It is also important to check their previous work on clients.  Make sure the pictures shown are clear and not edited.  You should be able to zoom in on the pictures to look closely at the strokes.  These must be nice and crisp as previously mentioned.  You don't want to see blood surrounding the Microbladed strokes. 

You also need to check that the Microblading artist is licenced.  All Microblading artists must have this licence, given by the council after an inspection.  This is extremely important.  The licence should be clearly displayed within the clinic at all times.

Here is a selection of my practice work on Latex practice mats.  I have also added some shading to a few of them which makes that a Combination Brow.